Beauty that looks good and feels good.

Like the legend of Cupid & Psyche, we know your beauty doesn’t end at the surface. You are a deep well of kindness, compassion and light. Why shouldn’t your beauty products reflect that?

Each purchase we make is a decision about the world we want to live in. With Cupid & Psyche, you decide to live in a world where no one and no animal has to suffer in order for you to shine. 

Cupid & Psyche is beginning this beauty revolution with a line of trendsetting lipstick and nail polish created by fashion photographer Tracy Toler-Phillips. With more than 20 years of observing what is both trendy and wearable, Tracy has created products that are both visually appealing and responsible. All of Cupid & Psyche’s products are all natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Beauty that gives back.

Cupid & Psyche is dedicated to making the world more beautiful through acts of love. Unlike other natural brands, we are focused on high fashion + red carpet worthy colors.
But the trendy all-natural, cruelty free cosmetics are only the beginning.

Cupid & Psyche’s mission is to give back to the world we love. A percentage of all profits from Cupid & Psyche will be donated to wildlife and domestic animal non-profits including Elephant Nature Park,  Humane Society International and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Beauty on a mission.

Cupid & Psyche is committed to providing you with only the best lipstick and nail products. 

About our lipsticks:
•all natural
•gluten free
•vegan waxes
•cruelty free
•paraben free
•created with organic oils 

The red carpet ready color pigments are made from pure minerals. 

Japanese Honeysuckle gives you anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing properties, while Vitamin E + Grapeseed + Jojoba oils provide natural moisture.

Our nail polishes are current, cutting edge and cruelty free. They are all “5-free”, free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene as well as the allergens camphor  and formaldehyde resin.